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Rhys Thomas - Founder - truSELF Coaching

Juliet has many gifts, some she has known and practiced all her life. She is a beacon of light to so many - she currently runs several very successful online group meditation and mindfulness practices. Her expertise in Vipassana Meditation have been honed over 20 years along with her wide ranging knowledge of all things spiritual. For those of you who wish to explore you own spiritual awakening Juliet is a wonderful, giving, selfless guide. Her empathic skills are unusually strong, her connection to spirit and channeling abilities are inspiring, wonderful and comforting all at once. She has helped me through the loss of our first daughter in childbirth and has become a close friend and supporter of unleashing my own gifts. In such transformational times, having someone like Juliet to walk beside you and help uncover your truSELF is such a blessing. If you have ever wanted to ask why, what else is there, who am I, where is my path, how can I unleash my innate brilliance - ask Juliet.

Roman Kikta - CEO and Founder - Phenometrix

Juliet Herman worked with me as a member of the senior executive team in launching Decisium. She is an entrepreneur-friendly "corporate leader", possessing strong marketing, project management, business development and most importantly interpersonal people skills which helped our startup company to get structure. Juliet gave concise, inspiring direction that brought out the best in the team, while maintaining high standards on accountability and metrics. Juliet quickly developed a rapport with the entire team, as a trusted, reliable and respected colleague. Her dazzling mind is well-suited for brainstorming. Juliet sees opportunity where others see challenge. I have never thrown out an idea or a concept upon which she was not able to expound, improve and analyze. I would not hesitate to work with Juliet again.

Renee Huepper - Social Media Marketing Manager - A2 Online Marketing

I had the pleasure of working with Juliet at the Edison Awards. Several of us were pulled into the project late in the game. I was impressed in many ways with Juliet and her ability to create a synergistic marketing team with a collaborative strategy for social media and PR. She was deadline-driven but most of all she brought a presence to her work. No matter whom she spoke with or worked with she injected a team spirit in every situation which was especially needed when we were all new to the experience. She went above and beyond to exceed her and the company’s goals which resulted in their best year in 11 years. I would highly recommend her to any company looking for transformative results.

Scott Bennett - Partner - Bennett, Floyd and Company

Worked with Juliet on Decisium, a startup company. She gets things done right and on-time. Always has creative ideas that are practical to execute. Understands branding and marketing at a high level. Particularly, gifted at analysis. Juliet is also fun to work with.

Mary Odom - Executive Director - International Trade Council of Greater Kansas City

Juliet went above and beyond to exceed goals in her work at Edison Awards. Through her innovative approach, our company had the best media coverage in 11 years. Juliet streamlined processes to create structure in our marketing and PR, and led the charge to align social media & PR which maximized impact. She exhibited an infectious team spirit, and it was a delight to serve with her.

Louis Bardov - Founder - KorSoftCorp

Juliet was fantastic to work with at Decisium. She was proactive, very professional and added a significant amount of value at every step of the business. Her insight, wisdom and innovative thinking was amazing. She was a leader in strategy development, marketing, partnership acquisition, project management, sales and overall problem solving. I hope I have a chance to work with her again.

Jim Arnold - Principal and CMO - WEM Modeler

Juliet was fantastic to work with at Decisium. She was proactive, very professional and added a significant amount of value at every step of the business. Her insight, wisdom and innovative thinking was amazing. She was a leader in strategy development, marketing, partnership acquisition, project management, sales and overall problem solving. I hope I have a chance to work with her again.

Kristin Sherry - Founder - YouMap

Juliet has a rare superpower. While most people are task-oriented or relationship-oriented, Juliet is a skilled relationship builder AND a big thinker. She is highly strategic and innovative and can very quickly diagnose problems and offer appropriate solutions. She is a big picture, systems thinker and exquisite communicator. Juliet turns strangers into friends and individuals into a community. It was a pleasure getting to know her when we worked together.

Trever Dodge - Business Systems Analyst III, Enterprise Systems - Case Western Reserve University

Juliet is an energized and collaborative leader. I had the pleasure of working directly for her when she managaged our premiere web based online expert network. As a leader in marketing, sales, and brand management she was creative and inspired. As a key stakedholder in product development she shared he extensive experience in eCommerce and drove many strategic initiatives to build ROI for the products she managed.

Bill Blummer - SVP Sales and Business Development

Juliet is one of those rare, agile professionals that makes an immediate impact on an organization from day one. She has a deep knowledge of business and product marketing and is extremely intuitive in her ability to work cross functionally in any organization. Her skills and personality make her a great asset to any company who is looking for a seasoned professional who just gets it done. And always with a smile. One of the more interesting and interested colleagues I have worked with.

Karen. McGufficke Cleary - Educational Influencer , Teacher - Sydney Catholic Schools

Juliet Herman is a dynamic, vibrant, resourceful woman who empowers with her analysis and strategic mentoring. She is savvy while being compassionate, caring and respectful. She will help you turn your company around and upskill your workers, whilst motivating everyone with her incredible enthusiasm. I highly recommend her as a professional of the highest quality, to any company lucky enough to secure her services.

Beth Silver - Managing Director - Doubet Consulting

Juliet Herman truly understands how to promote products and services. When I first met her at PR Newswire, she was responsible for showing me how a large brand would work within my smaller firm. Her insights and personality enabled me better understand Profnet and utilize the product for my clients. It has not been emphasized to me the same way since she left.

Donna Ronco-McCann - AVP Skincare - L'Oreal

Juliet is passionate and result driven. She is very knowledgable in the field of product development and market strategies. She collaborates with internal corporate partners and offers creative problem solving. It was a pleasure working with her.

Sharon Nixon-Crenshaw - Disaster Action Team Lead - American Red Cross

I've had the pleasure of working with Juliet on a recent project. Juliet has unique traits and personality, which allows her incredible talent to flourish. She has the 3EEEs strategy that enables businesses and clients to achieve their goals. Juliet is a great mentor and strategist that ensures her clients are making real sustainable results. If you're seeking to engage with a mentor or business partner, consider connecting with Juliet. She's highly energetic and passionate about her clients receiving the best results.

Cheryl Schruefer - Event Producer - Bongarbiz

I have had the pleasure of working with Juliet Herman. Each event and workshop ran smoothly because Juliet had carefully planned it. They were well thought out and with her communication skills, all the leaders, performers and teachers were able to do their job. With her insight we were able to work alongside her and help relay her ideas that were creative and innovative. In addition, she was able to balance the needs of all participants to ensure they were engaged and benefiting from the events.

W. Kevin Ward - Creative Follower - WKW Consulting Services, Leadership Coaching Lead

I have had the good fortune of getting to know Juliet here on LinkedIn! I have found her to be a kind and genuine person that is willing and able to help others! She demonstrates understanding and experience in helping others engage, gain insight and discovers hidden talents in individuals and organizations! She is a true leader and helps others to become leaders as well! Juliet is also effective at developing strategies for individuals and business including marketing strategies! She even helped me with some recent strategic advice in regards to my website and logo! She finds and uncovers potential that others may not to help bring value and growth in the area of leadership, strategy, and marketing!

Sam Alsroré - Director - Friends Global

Juliet is wonderful to work with, and has exceptional expertise in strategic leadership, coaching and demonstrated a solid work ethic. She always understands the client perspective and comes up with solutions that really hit the target. With a positive go-to attitude and forward thinking, Juliet clearly knows her craft and can do wonders.

Falguni Katira - VP Multichannel Marketing - Bank of the West

I have interacted with Juliet on various occasions and each time her empathy, her confidence and warmth has made a great impact on me! She is extremely talented and knowledgeable about management, marketing, effective communication and is a mentor to many. Juliet has my highest recommendation and I wish her the best in all the future endeavors.

Edward Zia - Founder - Excellence Above Coaching

Juliet Herman is a smart, savvy and strategic leader who knows how to help companies win big. Very sharp. Love her work!

Juliet Herman

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